Virus removal.

Using the latest security technology to keep you safe

Our combination of industry leading virus and malware removal technologies and seasoned, experienced technicians offer clients the safest most secure service for repairing infected computers. Contact us and we'll provide you with the best.

Viruses, worms, trojans, spware and adware are collectively known as "Malware" (malicious software). Malware is secretly installed on a majority of PCs today, compromising security and often making machines unusable. If your computer is behaving poorly, there is a strong likelihood that virus and spyware programs are to blame. If your computer is not working as well as it should, we'll identify and remedy the problem.

Guaranteed removal and repair:

  • •Viruses
  • •Worms
  • •Trojans
  • •Spyware
  • •Adware
  • •Keystroke recorders
  • •All other malware

Computer Rescue is a leading expert in Virus Removal services

Nearly 9 out of every 10 computers is infected with some form of addware/spyware/malware. These can not only slow your computer down to a crawl, but can also expose your personal information to identity thieves, crooks, and foreign entities. Computer Rescue specializes in the detection, quarintine, and erradication of these malicious problems. We not only completely remove these security vulnerabilities but also repair the damage that may be left behind. But our serice does not just end at simple infection removal, in some cases viruses can cause irreversible damage to the computers operatinf system. This is no problem for our expert technicians who can not only recover your valuable data, but also restore your computer back to a state better than factory new.

If your computer is infected and you don’t want to hassle with it, have an expert help you! With Computer Rescue Virus Removal Service, one of our certified technicians can connect remotely to your PC, and work with you personally to destroy malware and get you back online quickly.

Choose Computer Rescue for your Virus Removal needs.