Cloud solutions.

Infrastructure management through highly efficient and secure services on the cloud

Cloud solutions from Computer Rescue ensures your business is prepared for 2013 and beyond. Through integrated backups, ease of access inter-office file sharing and web conferencing with clients, we can give your business an instant 'large corporation' feel. Cloud services have come a long way and now use 256-bit encryption. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that not only is your business streamlined with the latest virtualization, but it is highly secure as well. Our cloud solutions are entirely scalable, flexing with you as your business grows, reacting to your needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. So no matter what the future holds, you have the assurance that Computer Rescue will be there to support your business. The cost savings are nice too.

Affordable virtual server management and networking

Think of a world where you don't have to manage your own server: all your company's files are securely stored and backed up daily, email is centrally stored and backed up, and the cost is completely scaled based on the size of your staff. With Cloud Solutions from Computer Rescue, we can eliminate many of the infrastructure costs that typically come with housing your own server and database. Enjoy significant savings on the cloud with Computer Rescue's Cloud Solutions.

Cloud Solutions offered:

  • •Shared Calendars
  • •Hosted Exchange Server (Email storage)
  • •Hosted SharePoint
  • •Hosted Windows Server on the Cloud
  • •Central file storage and sharing
  • •Video conferencing
  • •Inter-office instant messaging
  • •Document collaboration (Co-authoring)