The business of buying small business servers.

What to buy and what to know

There are a huge number of small businesses setting up these days and as the market becomes more fragmented and focused on niche services, this trend looks set to continue. The economic downturn has provided many people with the opportunity to set up on their own, perhaps through necessity rather than choice but there is a definite trend towards new firms starting out. It can often be daunting and many new businesses are not quite sure what they need or how they should progress and develop. One thing that is certain in the modern business world is that computers, PDAs and even tablets are at the heart of what businesses needed to have in order to progress.

As soon as firm starts to have more than one computer, it is worthwhile to start thinking about a network or business servers to start building a connection between these machines. Staying in touch is crucial in business and the communication process starts deep within the firm, long before a customer is spoken to. One of the main features that a business server provides is being able to store documents, files and important information on a shared server. This means that this information can be accessed at any time, speeding up the process and ensuring that everyone is sharing the same information and "singing from the same hymn sheet" as it were.

The ability to work on the same information is crucial if you are dealing with a regular customer client base. It may be that different salespeople or colleagues will talk to clients over a different period of time. It is therefore important to have all of their details and sales history in a stored place so it can be referred to at all times. If each client stored their own information regarding customers, it would start to get messy and extremely unprofessional. This would not be good for the long-term prospect of the firm and it certainly wouldn't impress the client.

This is where having business servers in place can really assist a firm developing a professional image, which is central to everything a company does in the modern era. If you are looking to develop your firm into a modern and thriving business, image is crucial and a great way to have a positive image is to utilise business servers to store your data and keep everything you need up to date.

When it comes to computing in a business environment then business servers are going to be an important part, along with other networked devices such as business printers that could connect to your business' network.

Windows Small Business Server

Windows Small Business Server(SBS) 2011 offers a range of features designed to boost productivity, security and efficiency in small businesses. Providing simple, centrally managed, shared and secure access to resources such as documents, printers, fax services and much more, it's the all in one solution for the small business.

Microsoft's research shows that companies using the server have boosted their productivity and efficiency by up to 70% and expanded their business by as much as 40%. It is a clear winner that can help push a business to the next level.

How? Take a look at its benefits and features

Anywhere access means that staff can have information at their fingertips wherever they are. Via the server's Remote Web Workplace, they can access company e-mail and intranet and connect to their office desktop to run the programmes and access the documents they need.

‘Enterprise class' email offers a massive central storage capacity and built in protection, with new encryption features and a SPAM filter included. When they are out of the office, staff members can share information via their iPhone, Windows Mobile or other Smartphone.

A customizable intranet, Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 allows company announcements to be made, calendars and documents to be shared, policies to be published, emails to be archived and teams generally kept working together and in the loop. Employees can use it to communicate with each other and even build their own discussion platforms to share the vital information needed to fuel the efficiency of the business.

Individual staff accounts can be password protected with a user permission feature whereby they can share personal calendars and give access to their inbox, facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

Electronically managed resources make booking meeting rooms, ordering projectors and other facilities and arranging catering swift, simple and efficient.

A centrally managed update service, combined with your antivirus software, keeps your network, computers and servers up to date and protected against the latest threats.

Choose from two editions, and then add an additional server licence and Microsoft SQL Server to the package with Small Business Server Premium. This will give even greater performance and scalability.

Standardize and control your network by adding Microsoft Small Business Desktop Platform licensing plan. This plan provides licences for:

  • A Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Office Small Business 2010 (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook with Business Contact Manager)
  • A small Business Server CAL (a license required to use all Small Business Server services).

Only one Microsoft licence is needed per computer and one agreement number to manage all computers. Make a one-off payment or select a subscription based package, spreading the cost as the business develops.

In short, with Windows Small Business Server, all the benefits that large groups and companies enjoy through expensive bespoke systems are available at a fraction of their price. Contact us for further details.